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This article brought to you courtesy of Kay Newell, Of Sunlan Lighting, Inc., Portland Tribune Lighting Expert.

kay Newell

My customer was a middle-aged woman who was having problems seeing her skin. The compact lights in her mirror fixture created a green cast to her skin and it was too dim.. She wanted to see her face as she really looked. Her husband just wanted to see to shave. He did admit that better light would help him see his nose more easily.

    We have a lot of choices in light today. The old standard A 19 bulbs we grew up using created a light that allowed us to see fairly well. The colors were a bit off. If you were trying to match colors, you'd take materials to the window to use Sunlight. Compact Fluorescent bulbs are rated at 82% of natural light or 82CRI, Color Rendering Index. LED light is created in 70CRI, 80CRI or 90CRI. The higher the CRI the closer to Sunlight the light will appear.

     Sunshine changes color all day long. These colors have been given a numerical name expressed as Kelvins. Some common colors of bulbs are 2200 Kelvin, close to moonlight, like the Edison bulb. 2700 Kelvin is the color of a Halogen bulb, the color of morning light. The 5000 Kelvin is the color of light at high noon in July. Learn your Kelvins so you can select the correct light color to meet your needs.

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