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This article brought to you courtesy of Debra Petrie. of The Wig Gallery, Portland Tribune Insider Expert.

Debra Petrie

Man, it's hot! Too hot to wear something on your head, except you need to wear something on your head. Your wig. Here are some tips to keep cool when temperatures rise.

Switch your human hair wig for a synthetic wig. Human hair wigs are much heavier than synthetic ones. And your human hair wig will get sweaty and frizz and your style will fall.

Experiment with updos. Hair on the back of your neck is hot, pulling it up will keep you cooler. Avoid a ponytail because it will brush against your skin picking up sweat, a bun is better.

Buy a no sweat/stop sweat liner. This liner does what the name says. They have extra ventilation and stop sweat from forming and collect any sweat that does form from getting in your wig.

Switch to a lighter color. Dark colored wigs soak up heat while lighter color wigs absorb less heat and are cooler.

Wash your wig. If the sweat isn't washed out of your wig it will get heavier and hotter. Products that aren't washed out will add to the weight of your wig as well. The heavier a wig is, the hotter it will be.

Say goodbye to styling appliances and products. That warm, freshly styled wig will be hot on your head! Those curling wands and hairdryers will make your wig dry and brittle. Products like mousse and hairspray add weight to your wig. Use anti-humidity spray instead, it will act like deodorant and discourage sweat forming.

Give the Wig Gallery a call for more advice about staying cool in a wig.

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