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This article brought to you courtesy of Kay Newell, Sunlan Lighting, Inc. Portland Tribune Insider Lighting Expert.

Kay Newell

The news story started with "If you experience eyestrain, tired itchy eyes, blurry vision or headaches" and went on to list many reasons to be concerned by the lights in your home.

We have been advised that the blue in LEDs keep us awake at night.

Sometimes the lights you buy just do not feel right.

How do you make an informed selection of lights for your home? The bulbs we grew up with had a limited selection, compact Fluorescent are no longer manufactured and we do not know much about LED bulbs except they save electricity and have different kinds of light.

First, learn your lighting needs and your preferred light color for each task. The LED colors are identified with a Kelvin number.

Next, to find the CRI of a LED bulb, look for the color /Kelvin number on the box in the code. If you see 927 or 279, you have a bulb that is 90+ CRI in a 2700 Kelvin, similar to old incandescent bulbs. 827 or 278 color code is 80% of natural light, the same quality or CRI of the compact fluorescents that are being taken off the market. The 50K or 5000 Kelvin is a light like a July High noon, with bright, sharp, white light. If there is not a 9 or 8 next to the Kelvin number, the CRI is most likely low and may make your colors look off or strange.

There is no right or wrong light, just the right light for you and your task. 

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