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At Elmer's, every American flag we sell is made in America. We also try to buy American-made for our non-flag products as well. Did you know that roughly 85% of our product selection is made in America? It's true. We buy foreign-made products only when no American-made option is available.

That sounds like good news, but why does it matter?

-The U.S. economy is stronger when our country has a manufacturing base in addition to service jobs. Buying American-made supports our economy.

-Buying American-made delivers job opportunities today and tomorrow. Buying locally employs your neighbors. Essentially, you're investing in America.

-Spending money at local businesses increases the local money supply. Local businesses like Elmer's spend locally on a multitude of services and products.

-Merchandise manufactured stateside travels less to reach its destination, so fewer fossil fuels are used, making our country's energy supply more sustainable.

-Flying an American flag that's made in America is an authentic expression of patriotism. American-made flags are also of the highest quality available.

Elmer's will also retire your old US flag for free (no matter where you bought it) and repair the fly-end of your new one at no cost for the life of the flag. Our custom flags are sewn right here, in-house. This commitment to serving both our customers and our community can't be found at big-box stores or on the internet.

So, a big THANK YOU! to our loyal customers for choosing American-made, local products. Supporting your community matters. Come in to Elmer's Flag and Banner, Kites, Too! to shop our vast selection of American-made products today.

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