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One of our most solemn American rituals is the military flag folding ceremony. Created to honor fallen soldiers, the ceremony represents the principals upon which our country was founded. Each of the 13 folds serve as a symbol for our nation, armed forces, and freedom.

When the triangle is complete, the red and white stripes no longer show. The white stars on the blue canton face up to honor the states that have provided uniformed men and women to protect our country and also symbolize our national motto In God We Trust.

The folds are dedicated to the following:

1. Symbolizes our collective belief in God

2. Represents our devotion to America

3. Remembers the veterans who have departed

4. Reinforces reliance on God for strength and guidance

5. A tribute to freedom

6. Signifies our heart; pledging allegiance to the flag

7. Honors the armed forces that protect our country

8. Praises our mothers who vitally shape the character of our nation

9. Tributes fathers who give their sons and daughters to defend our country

10. An homage to American families everywhere

11. Symbolizes belief in justice and equality for all Americans

12. Denotes an emblem of eternity and glorifies faith in God

13. A symbol of the original 13 colonies

At Elmer's Flag and Banner, we're proud of our country, armed forces, and the women and men who bear the hardship of service to protect our country and preserve our liberty, justice and freedom.

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