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You may have seen "Old Doug" around town or at a Timbers' game, but do you know the meaning?

The Cascadia flag is the unofficial symbol of the Cascadia bioregion which roughly encompasses Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Southern Alaska, and British Columbia. The flag signifies the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the natural splendor that inspires its residents.

The three colors of the Cascadia flag have meaning:

Blue embodies the cascading waters of the countless lakes and rivers including the Columbia, Snake, Sitka, and Fraser that flow to the Pacific Ocean. These rivers and the ocean are waterways of industry, playgrounds of recreation, and the life source of our ecosystem.

White represents the clouds and snows from winter days to the constant snow atop the majestic mountains that define our Cascadia region. Mt. Hood, Mount St. Helens, Mt. Rainier and other peaks stand as beacons of grandeur for all to see.

Green symbolizes the lushness of our lands from rich valleys flush with crops to dense forests of lush trees and vegetation that are a foundation of our economy.

Lastly, the lone Douglas fir tree epitomizes the resilience of the region, both it's people and environment. The fir is native to Western America and reaches great heights in healthy groves.

From soccer teams to bands, the Cascadia flag exemplifies a culture without borders, a bioregion unique in both geography and citizenry, where people of the Pacific Northwest appreciate that industry, play, and inspiration come from the environment. We are more than beer and beards.

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