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Kay Newell

Customer: "I wanta get some of those Germ killin ' UV bulbs. I am going to put them all over my house to kill those #19 bugs to keep me and mine safe."

Me, thinking: "Ouch! This man needs some facts before he hurts himself and his family."

Me: "You are correct there is a UVC or short-wave Ultra Wave light that will fry those nasty germs. They eradicate the bacteria and viruses by messing with the germ's DNA structure. This powerful light will disinfect medical interments, purify air and water then blast germs into the land of the clean."

      These lamps are NOT safe to use in your home or office.

     Clear Germicidal lamps are DANGEROUS. They look like clear fluorescent lamps, but create a powerful UVC light that is powerful enough to kill germs.

       A second, very DANGEROUS family of germicidal lamps are often used in industrial settings. They can disinfect whole rooms and the water for a town.

       Both lamps require special equipment to operate safely because lamps' direct or reflected UV light can cause deep burns, destroy the rods in your eyes, and even cause cancer. If it can destroy the DNA of a germ, think of the damage it can do to you.

               Germicidal lamps are great for disinfecting surfaces. Used improperly they can cause great harm.

          Soap and water is faster, cheaper, and easier to use as soap damages these fat-based germs. And/or use a diluted bleach solution to clean and sanitize. Be safe. Use germicidal lamps only in working sanitation equipment designed for safe use.

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