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Kay Newell

Last month we explained the "warm Kelvins," colors that have more yellow in the light like morning light. This month we explain cooler light or light that is more blue or white in color. The terms warm or cool are large groups of colors.

The colors of light are given numerical names based on the Kelvin scale. 50K or 5000 is the color of high noon light in July. This color is the whitest and is between the yellow and blue colors of natural sunshine. This light is the most intense light of the day. It is bright, sharp, and clean. As the sun moves across the sky the light becomes more blue as in 65K or 6500 Kelvin. The color called Daylight is about mid- afternoon in June, for fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps. Words like White, Day Light, Artic light were used by LED companies to refer to different Kelvins.

The CRI [ Color Rendering Index] of compact fluorescent for most bulbs was 80 CRI. The fluorescent tubes CRI ranged from 62 to 95 CRI. LED bulbs range from 70 to 90 CRI. To see colors that look as they would in sunshine, choose a bulb that is 90CRI. Find all the information you need on the box.

Come to the Sunlan Playroom on North Mississippi Avenue in Portland to see how fluorescent and LED Kelvins [color] look to you. Use the hands-on display to learn how the Kelvins [colors] of the LED impact you.

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