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This article brought to you courtesy of Kay Newell of Sunlan Lighting, Inc. Portland Tribune Insider Lighting Expert.

Kay Newell

Sunlan sells LED germicidal lamps to disinfect your store or restaurant.

I have written about the dangers of using UVC incorrectly in the April 2020 column. There are safe ways to use UVC, however. I use air purifying units to sanitize and disinfect at the Sunlan storefront on North Mississippi Avenue.

Each staff area has a unit that is human safe to kill air-borne viruses and maintain sanitized surfaces. 

I stock and use a very powerful LED UVC germicidal bulb to disinfect and sanitize full rooms in a short period of time. Before closing, we put an LED UVC producing light in our bathroom, shut the door, then remotely turn on the bulb which is timed to turn off in 15 minutes. The bulb kills any germs on walls, floors or other surfaces and leaves a sanitized bathroom ready for tomorrow. The next day, we remove the bulb and its fixture to prevent anyone from turning it on. We still need to wipe down counter, mop floors and do the regular cleaning.

If you have a restaurant, you could use the same bulb in your kitchen, pantry, or other area you want to add one more layer of safety. Just released, are other LED bulbs to disinfect and sanitize large areas. We are installing large room UVC- LEDs in our store. Come see our helpful and knowledgeable staff to select a LED-UVC bulb appropriate for your use.

Sunlan Lighting, Inc.

3901 N. Mississippi Avenue

Portland, OR 97227



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