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This article brought to you courtesy of Kay Newell of Sunland Lighting, Portland Tribune Lighting Insider Expert.

Kay Newell

The question about the best lighting for your family home is both easy and complex. The light children study under can help with learning. My childhood experience can help me explain. When I started school, we had light from the common incandescent bulbs. I learned early that reading outdoors was easier. When I entered 4th grade, I was put into a new school with modern fluorescent lights. When I sat near a window I could read. Deep into the room under the fluorescent lamps, however, I could not read and developed bad headaches. I often took my books outside during recess to read. Lucky for me, I was often able to sit next to a window.

Here is one way to see if your lighting has a negative impact on your child. Both of you go outside to read in the shade, then in full sunlight that does not glare on the page. Lastly, read under your current lighting. If it is comfortable under all of these light sources, you have good lighting. If it isn't comfortable, We can help. Halogen, Zenon, Neodymium, or other 90+ CRI [Color Rendering Index] bulbs are good for reading lights. Some bulbs sold for home use are as low as 62 CRI.

Poor quality lighting makes it hard to read and to retain information. Since it is likely your kids will be learning at home, make the experience positive with good lighting. To see the many choices available, come see Kay, the Lightbulb Lady, at Sunlan Lighting, Inc. 3901 North Mississippi Avenue in Portland.

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