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It might seem like an insult, but really, go fly a kite!

Do you remember your excitement when you were a child and your kite caught the wind and lifted high into the air? It was like a dance where the kite took the lead and soared while you controlled its rhythm. Watching the kite dip and dive is a feeling like no other: a sense of accomplishment mixed with the magic of flight.

This year has not been easy, and many of us are looking for activities to stay active while taking a step back from the stresses of daily life. Kite flying is currently experiencing a renaissance because it is an easy, calming, inexpensive activity that brings you closer to pockets of nature while exploring the city around you.

Portland is filled with beautiful open spaces perfect for kite flying: Waterfront Park, Council Crest, Delta Park, and Peninsula Park are all excellent choices or find a hilltop without obstructions and fly in the city. Consider packing a kite for your next adventure at the Oregon Coast or hiking in the Columbia River Gorge where the winds will have your kite soaring.

At Elmer's Flag and Banner we have kites, too! Hundreds of kites for you to choose from including designer and themed styles, frameless, single line, and stunt kites. Regardless of your skill level, we have the perfect kite for you and all the accessories needed for a fun-filled afternoon in the Pacific Northwest. Come into our storeroom today or shop online. We look forward to helping you find the perfect kite.

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