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Usually after change, a nation or state will issue a new flag as a symbol of its new beginning. Recently South Sudan, North Macedonia, Mauritania, Malawi, and good Ol' Mississippi have joined the new flag party with symbolic flags.

Mississippi has had three flags, the first was adopted in 1861 and featured a magnolia tree but four years later it was voided. Flagless until 1894, the state finally adopted a post-Civil War flag showing red, blue, and white stripes with an inset of the Confederate battle flag. This year, voters approved a new Mississippi flag which honors its heritage with a magnolia flower blossom, 13 white stars representing its status as the thirteenth state in the union, and one five-pointed gold star recognizing the indigenous Native tribes of Mississippi.

After earning independence in 1964, Malawi adopted a new flag. But in 2010, Malawians were disappointed at the proposal of a new flag endorsed by their president. Luckily for the Malawians, the original 1964 flag that celebrated their independence was reintroduced by their parliament as the official flag in 2012.

South Sudan adopted their black, red and green flag in 2005 before earning independence in 2011 after winning the Second Sudanese Civil War. Mauritania celebrated its 57th anniversary of independence by issuing a new flag in 2017 to honor the citizens who fought for freedom. And North Macedonia's bright yellow and red sun flag was adopted in 1995 to coincide with a new constitution while retaining its homage to ancient Macedonia.

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