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Sunlan Lighting was started in 1989 by me, Kay Newell aka "The Light Bulb Lady." Last month, I told the story of my finding the Neodymium bulbs. This issue I want to tell stories of customers.(Image is Clickable Link)  Women Light Our World

One customer told me this story. She was depressed. She lived in shared housing with happy people. Not her. One day she noticed a light coming from a room that looked like sunshine coming through the cracked open door. It drew her to the light. She knew she should not, but she pushed the door open. She was flooded with Sunshine. The depression she was experiencing fell to the floor. She just had to find out how her housemate had created a room full of Sunshine. She left the store for a Neodymium bulb for each fixture in her room.

Story #2. A few weeks ago, just after Christmas, a young woman came into to the store and asked, "Where are the Swedish bulbs? I was told you have them; I need them." I replied are you looking for the bulbs from Finland? She said that she was from Sweden and used the Swedish bulbs to help with the grey dark winters of Northern Europe. She found that living in Portland, Oregon had the same effect on her body. When she turned on my display Neodymium bulb, she let out a sigh and said, "That is my Swedish bulb."

If you suffer from Winter blues, come get your own Sunshine bulb.

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