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A few weeks ago, a Gentleman came into the store with a clipping of my Tribune article. He wanted to buy the Full Spectrum bulbs for his sister who lived in Washington DC. She was feeling depressed. The death of her husband, issues in DC, and winter seemed to weigh her down. His hope was the lights would help her. He bought the Chromalux Neodymium Full Spectrum Lamps for her.

Yesterday he returned to the store, introduced him self and said the bulbs he had sent his sister had helped her so much he was sending her more. He added that after the death of her husband, the lights in her home were never turned on. His sister is totally blind. At her brother's instructions, she had installed the bulbs in a fixture where she spent a lot of time. She started to feel so much better when she was in her "light zone" that her brother was sending her more lights for the rest of her home.

How could that work when she could not see, you ask. The answer is in your body's largest Oregon, your skin. When you expose your skin to sunlight, your body creates Vitamin D. When you sit by a window, the light helps you feel better. Just being outside feels good.

The Neodymium lamps were the results from Finland's government research and testing to help their people with S.A.D. Seasonal Affected Disorder. We have your bulbs.

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