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After a record-setting ice storm and power outages it's nice to see Spring didn't forget us.

Many Portlanders are sprucing up their homes with fresh paint, new plantings in the garden, and bringing the patio furniture back out. Now is the perfect time to add a punch of color with decorative house banners and garden flags.

We have dozens of styles of Easter house flags from cute bunnies and colorful eggs to religious motifs. Our Spring flag styles are brilliant with colors featuring flowers, scenic landscapes, and sunny settings. And don't forget the iconic Home Sweet Home flag to welcome your guests back again.

If you're setting up your garden, remember that we carry garden flags in long-lasting, fade and weather resistant smooth and "burlap" nylon. These small 12"x18" flags look great lining a lit walkway or near a flowering pot on a porch.

Also popular are windsocks that gently billow and swirl in a light breeze. Koi, sports teams, stars and stripes, rainbow and more are in stock today. Consider one to brighten your home or even to scare away pesky woodpeckers! And the cherry on the sundae is a weathervane to adorn the top of your home. Weathervanes are making a stylistic comeback and bring traditional elegance to any home.

Now that Spring is here, remember that your yard is an extension of your home and it can reflect your style, who you are, and your unique interests. Elmer's Flag and Banner is open and we're excited to help you find your perfect flag and banner.

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