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My customer had just inherited a very large Jade plant from his Grandmother. The Jade had lived in her Mount Hood home forever. Now the giant Jade was his responsibility, it was dying. He needed a light that would help the plant recover and thrive. I told him to put the plant back in his window, then add Halogen lights. With 3, MR16 lights placed above and around the plant adding to the natural Portland lights ;he should find both recovery and growth. Fast forward. I received a call from my customer. Not only was his plant alive, for the first time in his or his Dad's memory, it was flowering.

My Jade: A friend gave me a very large Jade as a thank you for helping him move out of state. There was no room in my truck for the plant, he was down-sizing. It became the center piece in my office big bay window. I had only Full Spectrum lights in my office. One morning, I walked in my office, sat down at my desk then noticed small flowers covering half of the Jade. If I had placed a string on the plant down the middle, all the flowers would be in the inside of the room. The side facing the street could not boast of one bloom. After the bloom, I turned the plant. Each year I was gifted with a half a plants worth of blossoms and a reminder of a departed friend.

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