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Do you remember the simple joy of flying a kite as a child? The sense of accomplishment when it lifts off and the wonderment of seeing it dance on invisible air currents, soaring and dipping as you try your best to keep it aloft.

Kites aren't just for kids anymore. Today there are kite flyer societies, kite festivals, Saturday night kite fights and even kiteboarding. For more than 2,000 years kites have been used for utility, as toys, during war, and have even helped advance science, right Benjamin Franklin? Constructed from a wide range of materials, including bamboo, silk, nylon, mylar and paper, NASA even used kites in their spaceship recovery missions.

History aside, kites are good clean fun and Portland is filled with beautiful open spaces perfect for kite flying: Cully, Waterfront, Council Crest, Delta, and Peninsula Parks are all excellent choices or find yourself an isolated hilltop without obstructions. Consider packing a kite for your next adventure at The Coast or take one along hiking in the Columbia River Gorge where the winds will have your kite soaring.

Kite flying puts us in nature and helps us to look up at the sky, reminding us that sometimes it's the simplest of pleasures that leave the most lasting impression. At Elmer's Flag and Banner, Kites Too, we have hundreds of kites to choose from including designer and themed, frameless, single line, and stunt kites. We have the perfect kite and accessories for you and your family no matter your skill level. Stop in today and then go fly a kite!

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