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This article brought to you courtesy of Kay Newell, Sunlan Lighting, Inc. Portland Tribune Insider Lighting Expert

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At last, masks are off outside. If you have had "the shots" you can have people over who are vaccinated. PARTY TIME!

Spruce up the yard or patio. Put out seating and bring out the grill. String up lights. That is where Sunlan can help. We supply outdoor string lights all year long. The lights called Christmas light- those sparkly little lights people use on trees and around windows can be used outside too. We have strings of sockets for 25, 50 or 100 bulbs. You select the bulbs colors, shapes, size, and wattages for each string length. The Strings are white, black, or green. We also have the heavy duty 48-foot 11S14 strings with the standard sockets, sometimes called café lights. These strings of light are very good to use where you need more light. Strung around the grill or eating area will provide useful light. All light strings can use incandescent or LED bulbs. We have both in stock. Want LED? We have a very large selection of LED string lights with fixed LED lights. Many different colors, shapes, on both green and white cords. The LED strings are 70 lights on a 24-foot string or 35 lights for 17 feet of light. The low energy use of LED allows you to save electrical power and still enjoy summer lights in your outdoor playroom.

Come to Sunlan to light your home, office, and yard.

Sunlan Lighting, Inc.

3901 N. Mississippi Ave.

Portland, OR 97227


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