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Dennis is my son. As a teen, he said, "When I grow up we are going to run a skate board store. I will sell the skateboards and you will run the store." Fast forward- I start Sunlan in 1989. I take my sons, Ira and Dennis to see an old, dilapidated building on 3901 N. Mississippi. Dennis said, "This building has possibilities." I buy the building; we ship lightbulbs to businesses out of the warehouse as we fix up the buildings.

Other customers find Sunlan and we become retail.

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Dennis orders our stock and helps customers. He uses his home lighting to help a customer select their lightbulbs.

Dennis bought a home. The first night he called and said, "Mom the lights are terrible, I need to get new fixtures." He then looked in the fixtures to discover compact fluorescents. He called back to tell me he was headed to our Sunlan store to get the Full Spectrum Neodymium bulbs.

Dennis has selected different bulbs for each area in his home. His kitchen lights are LED 3000K MR16s, a bulb that is close to morning light. It saves electricity, has 90 CRI-Color Rendering Index, and lasts a long time.

Basement lights are LED Standard A bulbs. Bathroom lights used are Halogen for morning and Neodymium for evening. He prefers old fashion 40watt A19, for his bedroom. The living-room has several different lighting styles including Edison bulbs which are great while watching TV.

What lights are in your home?

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