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At Elmer's, we get a lot of questions about the American flag and the flag code. The flag code may seem quaint by modern standards, but in 1923 at the first National Flag Conference attended by more than 60 patriotic groups, the intent was to promote respect for the American flag by formalizing a set of rules, some of which are:

• When saluting the flag, civilians should place their right hand over their heart and face the flag, uniformed military shall give a military salute

• The flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset. Americans who want to fly it in darkness need to keep it illuminated (but not necessarily spot-lit)

• Only all-weather flags should be flown in inclement weather

• The U.S. flag should be raised to the same height as other national flags and should be flown in the furthest left position as seen by the viewer

• When displayed with others, it should be hoisted first, lowered last, and always be kept from touching the ground

• Flag code also warns it shouldn't be used as "apparel, bedding or drapery", should not be used in advertising, and should never be worn or used as a costume

• When the flag is no longer in a condition to be a fitting emblem for display, it "should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

At Elmer's Flag and Banner, we love fielding your questions about the proper treatment and display of Old Glory. Call or come in today, and let us help you find and properly display your own symbol of our nation.

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