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John joined Sunlan Lighting in 2013. He brought with him a wealth of knowledge about lighting. He has a collection of flashlights, and a desire to increase his knowledge about light. He also brought skills from his time serving our country in the Navy. John developed business skills working in family business. He is now using his customer relation skills and business knowledge to help Sunlan meet your lighting needs. He is a wiz at finding really cool lights for our customers on the Sunlan shelves. He is the one who found and orders the very high-color Rendering LED lights to replace small Halogen bulbs. We stock a large collection of those small LED-MR 16, JD in the e11 and DC bases, JC & JCD and many more Halogen replacements. John loves to use LED lights as much as he enjoys the other light bulbs in his collections. He lives in a loft with some 30 lighting fixtures on the walls and ceiling. He also has as many different standalone fixtures to display some of the many special light bulbs he enjoys. On his way home he likes to use his phone to turn his lights on. He also uses his phone to turn on his lights along the sidewalk and up the stairs to his loft. Come to Sunlan, meet John and let him help you with your lighting needs.

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