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I cannot count the number of people who complain their neighbors' bright light keeping them from sleeping. Just as many complain about city's invasive lights.

Light at night is not new. Moon light is safer for night travel than the deep darkness of stars. Gas lighted streets created a safe path for night travel. Most farms and homes welcomed the incandescent golden glow to feel safe at home.

We have more powerful lights to light up the night sky. We, as a society, are harming our night animals, confusing the birds, annoying our neighbors, and creating hazards in the name of safe lighting. The 4000 Kelvin and 5000 Kelvin lights LED lights are often used to make the night bright to keep the bad guys away. This light also keeps people awake at night. It provides the bad players an advantage. The light will create deep shadows for the crooks to hide. It is easier for addicts to shoot-up if they have good lights. These super bright lights are used to see at sport events and allow the cameras to show home viewers what is playing in the arena.

We can keep our homes safe by using a softer light. Amber light or a moon light color is good for evening light. We can see what is going on outside our windows. Other colors are fun to use. Use your outside lights to be safe. Select softer more friendly lighting to decrease Light Pollution.

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