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Was it really 20 years ago? In a few days, we will recognize the anniversary of the terrorist attack on America. It's a sad anniversary for us all whether you were immediately affected by the attacks, either in the immediate vicinity, stranded because of grounded flights, mourning the loss of a loved one, or simply watched the tragedy unfold on TV.

It hurt us all. It hurt us as Americans, and our global friends hurt for us, too. Not since the attack on Pearl Harbor, 60 years earlier, had we felt our vulnerability so clearly.

And yet our country, founded on the principals of freedom, came through heartbreak together. The American flag was waved across our nation from the smoking rubble at the World Trade Center to freeway overpasses, businesses, cars, and homes. It became more than just our beloved national symbol, it unified the most diverse population on the planet, in our grief and determination to stand tall while defending our country and way of life.

Today, Elmer's Flag and Banner gives recognition to all of our American heroes from Sept. 11: The 2,996 victims who perished including the brave passengers of Flight 93 who fought back, the more than 6,000 Americans who were injured, the selfless first responders, the thousands of people who helped with aid, the Pentagon employees who secured our nation's defense headquarters, the thousands of citizens who rushed to donate blood, and the Ground Zero rescue workers who are still battling the effects of toxin exposure: THANK YOU.

This Patriot Day, stand with us at Elmer's and fly Old Glory to honor us all.

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