This article brought to you courtesy of Kay Newell, Sunlan Lighting, Inc. Portland Tribune Insider Lighting Expert

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We have a lot of bulbs in two rooms. Room 1, aisle 1, has replacement LED bulbs for your standard commonly-used bulbs. Under the windowsill are standard base or E26 base chandelier bulbs in 25-40-60 watts. Aisle 2 is used to showcase an interactive display of lightbulbs. You can compare the bulbs you grew up using with Full Spectrum Neodymium bulbs, Halogen, Xenon; all incandescent bulbs. There are also the LED bulbs in the 2700Kelvin, 3000Kelvin, 5000Kelvin and in Neodymium LED bulbs for you to compare. Just read a bit under each light to learn your favorite.

Aisle 3 has a large collection of Edison-style bulbs on display with dimmable stands available to display your new bulb. Edison bulbs create a soft golden ambience in your room.

The center of the store has 4 more aisles loaded with bulbs in both LED and the old standard incandescent styles, including colored standard A19 bulbs, the big 5" round G40 bulbs in four finishes, sign bulbs including LED replacements.  Styles in several wattages and colors. Colored flood lights in many sizes and colors. Night lights are on display. We also have some of the most fun spectacular LED bulbs, one plays music, RGB and WIFI bulbs. Great gifts for yourself or others.  We have LED Black Light Blue bulbs and wands. 

We also have fluorescent lamps and miniature bulbs. 

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