Story sponsored by Global Solarium. Options abound for these warm, inviting rooms

(Image is Clickable Link) Global SolariumIn the Pacific Northwest, we only have a few days of snowfall, but those days are simply magical! There's a stillness that happens during a snowy day and even the lighting outside looks defused and soft. The best part? You can enjoy a winter wonderland from the warmth of your own personal snow globe, from Global Solariums.

Lately, we are all in our homes more and using them for more practical reasons such as work, exercise, school and entertaining. A solarium will increase your total square footage and give you a unique room to write reports, watch television, read, dine, and entertain. The uses for a solarium are endless and they increase the value of any home, oftentimes making it the sole reason a buyer purchased a home.

Since 1990 Roman and Mary Sobolewski have been building solariums with the Global Solariums trademark. They say their customers often remark that they use their solariums daily and wish they had built them sooner or bigger and spend hours in their solariums reading, relaxing, dining, exercise, entertaining and even sleeping. The uses for a sunroom are endless as are the options including window coverings, heating or air conditioning and fun decisions to customize your sunroom to your specific needs.

Fall is a wonderful time to build a solarium with the winter months to look forward to. With walls and ceilings of windows, imagine a temperature-controlled room to bask in the sun while enjoying the sights of the outdoors around you or curling up with a good book while fall is putting on a show for you with autumnal colors. And on the rare occasion it snows, you'll be sitting in the white flurries while warm in your home.

"Live in art, transform your deck or patio for year-round use and enjoy the outdoors everyday while relaxing inside your sunroom." - Mary Sobolewski

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