Sponsored story by Parr Lumber. Weatherization of your home doesn't have to be difficult.

The Parr Lumber team can help solve your WINTER WEATHERIZATION WOESWinterizing your home can be a tedious task, but it's worth it and may save you thousands of dollars from costly repairs.

Start with checking your furnace, covering outside faucets, and cleaning your chimney. More importantly, take a walk outside of your home. Inspect your windows and doors for gaps. Often, weather stripping, expandable foam, and insulation can suffice.

Parr Lumber sells a variety of sealants specific to the needs of your home, whether it be around a window or a crack in the foundation. They also carry a variety of lumber options to replace jambs or siding. Gutters and downspouts filled with leaf debris can cause damage to gutters, roofs, and siding, so before winter weather sets in, make sure your gutters are cleared, and any cracks in your siding are sealed. If you have foundation vents, it's time to close the flap. Otherwise, pick up foam blocks at Parr Lumber to cover the vents. You may also want to consider a water heater blanket to keep energy costs low.

One of the costlier home repairs is a busted pipe. Covering pipes with a foam tube can help prevent costly winter repairs. Also, make sure to unhook your hose from the faucet and consider a foam faucet cover to protect your hose bibs from the harsh winter weather.

Decks also need winterization — even if not being used during the cold. Like the outside of your home, walk the deck and check for loose screws, damaged boards, and loose handrails. Make the necessary improvements and move potted plants so moisture can't form mold. Sweep debris from the deck and clean it with mild soap and water, rinsing with water. Once it's completely dry, apply a wood-protecting stain for your type of deck.

Lastly, check your attic. Take care of your home's thermal envelope and evaluate your insulation. If you need more, Parr Lumber has insulation for your attic (R-30), insulation for your crawlspace (R-19), and sealants designed explicitly for attic use.

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