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A customer just left the store with a collection of Neodymium bulbs he said was for his new home. The home he had sold was filled with feel-good Neodymium. He had discovered the lights years ago. His home was filled with them. He left all of them for the new owners of his home to enjoy. Then came moving day into his new home. He was greeted with the harsh glare of energy saving lights. They did not create the warm welcome-to-your-new home feeling. Off to Sunlan, with a list in hand, to find what he needed to feel, welcoming lights for his home. There are many kinds of lights for our homes. Some produce a low-quality light. The old compact fluorescent light was 80 CRI. The 80 CRI means the colors were about 80% of what they would look like in sunshine of the same Kelvin. Look at the full code of an energy saving light source. Find the Kelvin number. If there is a 80 in frontĀ of 27K, 30K, 40K or 50K the bulb has a CRI of 80. He asked me how people could live under such lights. I replied, it is like fast food, stuff we eat when we are in a hurry and being good for-you-food is not the highest priority. Most light bulbs provide light that is "good enough to see" but not sun-like- good for-you-light. For great light go for the 90 CRI bulbs like the Neodymium.

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