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Stores can use their windows to help a street feel safe. The same lights also help keep the inside of a store uninviting for the night thief. When I opened my store windows, I put in 4-foot light tubes that are on 24/7. They light up the street, and my displays all night long. They also light up the sidewalk.

If all the stores kept lights in the windows lit all night and lights on in the back of the store, it would be easier to see any activity in the store. Make your windows interesting to invite people to investigate your selection of goods.

My windows invite people to look. Then I use cameras to look at the who and what is occurring in the store. I have cameras all over. I also have a screen you can see in the back of the store that can be seen from the door window. Each of my high-quality cameras cost about $260 when I bought them. I also have signs around that tell people about the cameras. Outside doors have very heavy bars and my steel doors have full length hinges. The doors also have double locks. Dead bolts are a must and reenforced lock protectors preventing doors from being breached. All doors should be well lit. The bright white of 5000 Kelvin may seem to be a good light. These lights create hard shadows. Shadows are the friends of the thief. Use a Turtle light or a more yellow light. I like High-Pressure Sodium. Not the prettiest light. It is a great light to keep you safe, discourage lingering bad people and yet allows you a shadow-free light to see activity in the area. Use the right light to help security in and around your store.

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