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Spring is coming along with longer days with more Sunshine. With the hope of an early start to spring planting, many people grow plant starts. The sunlight in Portland is not enough to grow plants in a windowsill, most years. Additional lights will help the plants grow. The best light I have found is the bulbs that were created to combat depression. The reason it works so well for humans is the same reason the light helps plants grow.

The bulbs were invented in Finland using neodymium glass. The glass acts as a filter to remove extra yellow in a standard bulb. The results, a light that is close to real sunshine. The light is not advertised as a plant light. I discovered the light impacted plants when I brought the bulbs into my home to learn if they impacted me. I Stories had been asked to bring the bulbs in for customers. They told me that they needed the bulbs for depression. While I am not depressed, I do have issues with some lights.

I was playing with the lights by putting them in one area and standard bulbs in other areas, I noticed it was easier to read under the neodymium bulbs. I had a lot of plants in my home. My green thumb was doing its thing. After I installed the neodymium full spectrum lights, my plants were happier.

Put your starter plants in the window and add the Chromalux neodymium full Spectrum bulb. Watch your plants grow.

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