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Story sponsored by Global Solariums. Global Solariums can help you maximize your home's desirability

GLOBAL SOLARIUM - Adding a solarium to your home can increase its market value and add interest if you decide to sell.Right now, housing prices are crazy! Crazy good if you want to sell.

And we know that adding a sunroom increases your home's value and desirability.

Think about it. Lots of homes have a back deck or front porch; outdoor living space in the Pacific Northwest tends to have you in the elements. To be outdoors means you are outside. However, with a solarium, residents can enjoy the outdoors in the luxury of their home in a heated space — watching the rain and not being pelted by it.

A solarium is a low-cost addition that adds square footage to your living space. Larger homes are more desirable, and a solarium adds that certain "je ne sais quoi," which sets your home apart from the rest. In an era when builders hammer out homes as fast as they can, cookie-cutter homes with little to no character, a house with a solarium becomes something different. Potential buyers can see themselves reading, entertaining, eating, and loving the solarium space. As a result, it garners attention from buyers that will optimize your home's value and potentially start a bidding war.

Reaping the benefits is easy. Global Solariums can help you decide on a size, style, and budget — and voilà, it's done.

Since 1990, Roman and Mary Sobolewski have been building solariums with the Global Solariums trademark. The Sobolewski's customers often remark that they spend hours in their solariums and wish they had built them sooner or bigger. The uses for a sunroom are endless, as are the options, including window coverings, heating or air conditioning, and fun decisions to customize your sunroom to your specific needs.

Solariums don't have to be complicated. It can be an extended addition to the master bedroom, a place to watch the sunrise while drinking a morning cup of coffee, a recreation room (think billiards!), or even a home office now that many people choose to work remotely. How about a breakfast nook with bench seating to capture natural sunlight?

Your hardest decision might be whether to sell your house after adding a solarium!

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