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If you are, do you know the benefits of an internal pole versus an external pole?


An external halyard flagpole system places the rope (halyard) on the outside of the pole. The rope is exposed and travels through a pulley mounted at the top of the pole. The assembly that includes the pulley and a decorative ball, eagle, or other decorative finial is called a truck. If you want the option to fly multiple separate flag setups (though not at the same time), choose a truck with a double pulley which gives your pole two separate halyard systems.


With an internal halyard flagpole, the halyard system is located on the inside of the pole shaft and the rope is often replaced with metal cable, giving it a more streamlined look and an increased element of security. Typically more expensive than comparable external halyard flagpoles, the internal flagpole rigging is accessible through a locking access door.


Nature's elements take a toll on external and internal rigging systems and so, regardless of which style you choose, you should check the halyard for wear whenever you raise or lower your flag. And depending upon how often you fly your flag, check for snap hook wear and smooth pulley operation at least twice a year.


At Elmer's Flag & Banner, we can help you find the external or internal halyard flagpole that works for you and, with proper maintenance, will work for years. Come in or call to allow our knowledgeable staff with decades of combined experience the chance to talk with you about the new flagpole of your dreams!

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