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"Three bad occurrences! One positive result!"

My bad luck started with cleaning teeth, Thursday. The dentist found a soft spot.

Number two on Friday. Just as I am headed home, a dog comes within three feet. Dogs have not infected me outdoors. I do stay away from them. Many of my customers know I lose my voice when any dog enters the store and know dog dander has caused eye infections the past 14 months.

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I walked 200ft to my house, the time it took for the dog dander to affect me. My throat was swollen. The swelling went down with heat, but not the pain. I took an aspirin and in four hours I took some more. I thought the pain was caused by my tender tooth and the dog dander. The pain kept me up all night.

My son and I shop Saturday. When I saw him I said, "you need to take me to the hospital. I think I am having a heart attack." Then I explained that right after work, as I was leaving the store, I was within 2-3 feet of a dog on the sidewalk. Soon after I arrived home my throat started to swell up, like it does when I am near dogs. It became so bad, I used heat to help, I took an aspirin. Then my tooth, the one with a spot, started to hurt.  Heat helped the swelling, not the pain. More aspirin and the pain which started by the dog dander traveled to my chest and the tooth pain to my jaw.

I am okay, lucky for me, the doctors inserted stints which can keep the healthy tissue functioning for a long time.

A dog triggered it, a tooth confused it, emergency medical care fixed it. New lease on life. Learn the signals for a heart attack.

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