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The arrival of spring means the appearance of young wildlife and an increase in wild animals being brought into DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital, but DoveLewis is urging the animal-loving community to leave young wildlife alone if they appear healthy.

Thanks to the donor-funded Stray Animal & Wildlife Program, good Samaritans and first responders bring thousands of sick or injured wild animals to DoveLewis every year for emergency stabilization. During the spring and summer, however, it's common for young wildlife to be mistaken as sick, injured, or abandoned, leading well-intentioned people to remove the healthy animal from their home.

"When you find a young animal alone, it does not always mean it needs to be rescued," says DoveLewis' exotics-focused veterinarian, Dr. Kelly Flaminio. "The parents are often nearby or will leave their young alone for long stretches at a time."

Unless an injury is obvious, leaving them alone will give young animals the best chance of survival. DoveLewis works in partnership with Portland Audubon to ensure that Pacific Northwest wildlife have somewhere to turn to for medical care, but not every animal you see needs medical care.

Dovelewis' website has helpful tips on what to do if you find a sick or injured animal, including suggestions for how to safely transport the animal and how to avoid additional stress or injury to the animal. Factors such as the current avian flu outbreak can also impact which animals are able to be treated, including wild ducks and geese.

"We need your help to make sure our wildlife is not being disturbed unless medically necessary." says Dr. Flaminio.

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For more resources on next steps to take if you find a wild animal and for information on the current avian influenza, please visit or the

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About DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital

DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital, established in 1973 and based in Portland, Oregon, is the only nonprofit, 24-hour emergency and intensive care unit in the region. With 48 years of service to the community, the hospital treats more than 30,000 animals each year. In addition to being an accredited teaching facility, DoveLewis also has seven donor-supported community programs that serve animals in need and the animal-loving community. DoveLewis is an AAHA accredited and VECCS Level 1 Certified hospital. For more information, please visit


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DoveLewis does not give medical diagnosis or advice over the phone. If in doubt, please visit the hospital.

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