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Boone was roaming his family's property when an encounter with a porcupine left him with quills in his abdomen, throat, mouth, and back legs.

DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital had a rare case come in when German Shorthaired Pointer Boone was rushed into the ER. Boone had been quilled by a porcupine on his family's property and had begun coughing.

Boone had quills around his mouth, throat, chest, and hind legs that needed to be removed. A CT scan showed air was collecting outside of his lungs causing the lungs to have nowhere to expand. A chest tube was placed to help drain the accumulated air.

By the next morning, air was still building up, his lymph nodes were enlarged, and Boone was having abnormal heart rhythms. His family decided to pursue a median sternotomy or a surgery which would split open Boone's sternum to allow the surgeon access to both halves of the chest cavity to explore and remove any remaining quills.

"While we do see pets who have altercations with porcupines, it is typically around the face and mouth, so this type of case is rare," said Patient Care and Education Specialist Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC). "I assisted our board-certified critical care specialist as she opened Boone's chest to get better visibility and watched as she removed several quills from his lung tissue and heart."

The DoveLewis team then flushed his chest to clean and repair the areas while ensuring no further air leakage was happening. With plenty of antibiotics and pain medications, Boone recovered well from the surgery and was even eager to eat as he became more alert.

Following a couple more days in the ICU, Boone was able to continue his recovery at home with his family by his side. "Boone is doing well," Boone's owner Jacob reported a week later. "He's turning back into his happy self again."

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