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The US Department of Energy has published two rules after President Biden's Executive Order that will disallow GSL [General Service Lamps] and the Halogen light bulbs. One new rule redefines and expands the definition what is a GSL. The other rule prohibits the sale of any bulb or lamp that does not meet a minimum efficiency threshold of 45 lumens per watts. Example a standard 60watt bulb = 800 Lumens, 45 watts of halogen = 800 lumens. 9 watts of LED = 800 Lumens of light. Example two; to create 100 Lumens of light you can use a 7 watt night light, 6 watts of halogen light, or 2 watts of LED light.

Incandescent has an efficacy of about 12 to 18 lumens per watt. Halogen lumen efficacy ranges 10 to 20 lumens per watt of power used. The luminous efficacy is a measure of how well a light source converts energy [watts] into light [lumens]. LED typically produces 75-100 lumens per watt of energy consumed.

The difference between brands of incandescent and halogen lights is the difference in glass finish, clear, frost, 120 or 130 volts, energy saving cathodes to long life service bulbs. There are no standard in the LED world. Read the box to find the lumen of each bulb. Some boxes also inform you of the wattage the bulb replaces as well as the lumens.

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