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Compact fluorescent bulbs are gone. These bulbs were an energy saving light source. The light quality was poor compared to Halogen, Xenon, and Neodymium light. Compact fluorescent lamps introduced Kelvins to the general public. Use sunlight as 100%. Compact fluorescent light is about 80% color rendering. The color of the old standard light is about the same color of morning light. To compare light to any time of the day is hard because our light colors changed by the hour, by the season, and by where you are standing on the earth. We know when things look right. We see colors change under different light sources. Compact fluorescent bulbs had different Kelvins - an easy way to select a color of light for our homes.

General use light bulbs were 2700 Kelvin. An early morning light color. Halogen lighting was a little whiter. At about 3000 Kelvin, it was a light that created good shadows with color rendering very close to real sunshine. Xenon light was a bit whiter yet with the same high color rendering impact. Neodymium bulbs are 90CRI and is a softer afternoon light.

Why am I talking about these old soon-to-be-gone bulbs? Because each of us have lights we want to use that feels right. LED lighting is the new light in town. To select the light you want, you need to know your Kelvins Learn the Kelvins. Select the Kelvin you want in the LED bulb you buy.

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