Growth, traffic congestion and Republicans are on the minds of our readers.

Regarding "Wheeler starts to reshape city" (Dec. 27 Tribune): The greatest problem Portland faces is the lack of jobs on transit. It is not just that the affordable housing is on the far east side, it is that the good jobs are in the Silicon Forests of Hillsboro and Beaverton (also Tualatin/Wilsonville and Vancouver).

In contrast, Portland's job growth is mostly in poor-paying service-sector jobs. Job sprawl creates pollution and congestion as people have to travel long distances in their cars to pay for their Portland housing. We should not put in any more high-density housing until we can bring back high-density jobs on transit lines.

Ignoring the fact that downtown Portland is no longer a center for middle-class jobs has made Portland one of the most congested cities in the country. Sadly, no one in leadership in Portland wants to deal with the issue of job sprawl, they just want more high-density housing, which will lead to more pollution and congestion. 

Alicia Emel

Mount Tabor neighborhood, Portland

Is this the Christian thing to do?

How can Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican crew call themselves Christians? Their policies amount to nothing more than throwing widows and orphans on the street. How can taking away benefits that help people live their lives be regarded as Christian? How do their policies reflect Jesus' teachings that "Whatever you do to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do to me"?

Ryan's policies — cutting Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid — are certainly not Christian. This anti-Christian stance can be seen in Vice President-elect Mike Pence's eagerness to turn Medicaid into a block grant program for the states. More than 65 million low-income and disabled Americans are on Medicaid. Pence and cronies have no regard for the impact their policies would have on people's lives, nor do they care about how many people will be hurt. And yet they call themselves Christians.

I think Americans need to take a long hard look at Republican policies and ask themselves whether Jesus would approve.

Sorah Dubitsky


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