Our readers weigh in on opioid overdoses, Democratic AGs suing Trump, and even a previous cartoon.

Regarding "Some areas not doing their share" (Oct. 26 My View by Chris Trejbal): Now I finally see Trejbal's true colors. He's out to get homeless folks, or those at risk of homelessness, under the guise of livability and transparency claims.

So we should know who will benefit from the Multnomah County pilot project: homeowners and those at risk who may be helped at the expense of privacy and confidentiality — so people with Trejbal's intolerant vision can target them for the sake of "transparency"?

My household was one of the 1,000 homeowners who applied. My wife and I weren't looking for a future bed and breakfast, but to offer a refuge and help so marginalized and struggling families could gain sanctuary and a lift up while they transitioned toward a better tomorrow. We already have done this on our own ... and for free. No close neighbors complained. I applaud those who have stepped up to bat. Let's give this partial solution a try. This is important. This is dignified.

Evan Burton

Northeast Portland

Who's to blame for overdoses?

Regarding "Public deserves to see opioid records" (Oct. 24 Tribune editorial): Are drug companies like Purdue to blame for the "opioid crisis"? If drug companies break the law, then they should be prosecuted or fined. The latter often happens when they violate good manufacturing practices.

But are the firms responsible for drug overdose morbidity and mortality? Drug companies do not compel people to consume opioid medications. We need to ask why people are overdosing on opiates regardless of source. In many cases, people probably do not fully understand the risks of opiates. That leads to poor decisions about risks versus benefits and mistakes that result in overdose.

Our Puritan sentiments lead us to blame victims so the response to "the opioid crisis" probably will result in restricting availability of prescription opiates to those who need them. In other words, we will punish the innocent to prevent "abuse." This is precisely the opposite of the legal principle that it is better to let a guilty person go free than to punish the innocent.

It is worth noting that economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton find that "... reports of physical pain are strongly predictive of suicide in many contexts. The prevalence of pain is increasing in middle-age Americans and is accompanied by a substantial increase in suicides and deaths from drug and alcohol poisoning." (Suicide, age and well-being: an empirical investigation, NBER June 2015)

Tom Shillock

Northeast Portland

Political bias?

Regarding the Oct. 26 article "Trump is keeping state attorneys busy": Surprise! Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has sued the feds at least eight times and taken dozens of other actions since President Trump took office.

She is one of 22 attorneys general doing this. Guess what? They are all Democrats. She filed no lawsuits during the first nine months President Obama was in office.

Which party do you think both support?

Wayne Bliesner

East Portland

Don't mess with Oregon

The Portland Tribune's report on Oregon's many lawsuits makes me proud to be an Oregonian. These suits seek to stop the dangerous Trump administration in its tracks. If you threaten our most vulnerable residents or our environment, we will fight back. Thank you, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, for your hard work.

Scott Reeves

Southwest Portland

Tasteless cartoon

I have always looked to the Portland Tribune to keep me informed of the happenings in the various areas of Portland and its surrounding areas. I have always known your paper was liberal, however, the cartoon you printed in the Oct. 26 issue was absolutely disgusting.

You assume because you are progressive liberals that everyone else here is, too. Well, surprise, surprise — we're not. Take a look at your own article on polling from a few weeks ago. Maybe there are more of us than you think. As far as cartoons go, I get a good laugh out of them sometimes. Trump is an easy target. He can say really ridiculous things. Please, keep them on the funny side — not like this tasteless piece.

Michelle Reed

Southwest Portland

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