Our readers are split over the Medicaid funding measure on the Jan. 23 special election ballot.

About 400,000 Oregon kids rely on the Oregon Health Plan, and Measure 101 protects them. At The Wallace Medical Concern, we work to ensure that all families in our community have an open door to high-quality health care.

Imagine having to decide between groceries on the table, or paying for your child's doctor visits when she is sick or injured. No parent should have to face that. Yet even routine shots and check-ups would bankrupt many hard-working families if their kids weren't covered by the Oregon Health Plan.

Measure 101 means no family will start 2018 worrying if they can take their child to the doctor or not. Every single child in Oregon will have care. If Measure 101 isn't passed, parents of 400,000 children could be in crisis — and that crisis will affect our whole state. When kids go without care, they end up in the emergency room, driving up costs for all of us. They also miss school, and when kids miss school, it's so hard for them to catch up. Our kids are the future of this state and country; we need them in the classroom.

We can level the playing field for local kids by voting yes on Measure 101 this January. Voting in this election is critical to our children's future. Measure 101 secures billions in federal funding that will ensure that all children have the health care coverage they need.

Please join me in voting yes on Measure 101 — for Oregon's kids.

Lisa A. Cline, MPH

CEO, The Wallace Medical Concern

Northeast Portland

Measure 101 an unfair tax

I am a health insurance broker, and I am stunned that our Legislature would attempt to impose a tax, via Measure 101, on individuals who already pay astronomical rates for health plans they can barely afford.

These are not the platinum plans with a $250 deductible offered to the public employees and their families that we, as taxpayers, subsidize at nearly 99 percent. The plans my clients can barely afford have a $5,000 deductible and cost $1,500 per month for a family. And, imagine this, they have to pay for it themselves.

Instead of taxing their health insurance premiums, start looking at the waste at the Oregon Health Authority. They could start with the computer software system for the Oregon Health Plan that they have spent nearly four times what the original cost was supposed to be. Sounds a little like Cover Oregon which, by the way, they were in charge of, too.

How about this for an idea: Quadruple the deductible on the public employees' health insurance plans and cut out half of the benefits to save on insurance premiums. This is what many of my clients have had to do to afford their plans.

I will be voting "no" on Measure 101.

Monica Cox

West Linn

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