Plus, our readers note that colleges also use Quaker as mascot and ask what is government is for?

The Jan. 16 My View by John A. Charles Jr. ("Cap-and-trade won't help environment") was completely off-base. Climate change legislation very much deserves a hearing, and I think far more people in Portland are concerned about it than Mr. Charles, CEO of the libertarian/right-wing Cascade Policy Institute implies.

Since it's a global problem, it would not necessarily be mentioned in a survey as a change that would "improve the quality of life in Portland."

Charles' glib dismissal of "global warming" as a scam flies in the face with the consensus of the scientific community.

Whether cap-and-trade is the solution is debatable, but rather than have that debate, Charles, along with his fossil fuel cronies like Koch Industries, wants to pretend it doesn't exist. And

really, if more people aren't concerned, it's only because they buy into the Koch propaganda perpetrated by think tanks like the Cascade Policy Institute.

Rolf Semprebon

Southeast Portland

Colleges use Quaker as mascot, too

I read your article regarding the name of the Franklin High School mascot.

For your information, there are three colleges, all founded by the Society of Friends, which use the mascot name "Quaker." They are Earlham College, Guilford College and Wilmington College.

The name for the Franklin High School mascot probably comes from the University of Pennsylvania, which was founded by Ben Franklin in 1740. The mascot name is "Quaker."

Gordon Hillesland

Southeast Portland

So, what is government is for?

Well, we know what John A. Charles Jr. is against (Cap-and-trade, My View, Jan. 16): Recognition of the problem of anthropomorphic global warming. Carbon taxes to pay for mitigation and encourage conservation. U.S. public officials meeting with public officials of other countries. Reducing fossil fuel use. Regulation of real estate markets. Urban planning. Preservation of forests and rural lands. Wage rules. Permitting. Public housing projects that take two years or more.

I'm just not sure Mr. Charles understands what government is for.

Stephen Shepherd

Northwest Portland

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