Our readers also offer their opinions on changing the name of Jeffrson High School and spending plans for the Sullivan Gulch Trail.

Jim Redden's concise article (Feb. 8) highlighting the deep divide among Portland residents over the Residential Infill Project will hopefully wake up Mayor Ted Wheeler and the City Council that this issue should be decided by the voters, not a coterie of developer-driven bureaucrats and a committee made up of well-meaning but hoodwinked volunteers.

RIP was forced into being by former developer lobbyist Mayor Charlie Hales as the very wrong answer to a made-up problem called "the missing middle." Why Wheeler picked up this tainted baton speaks volumes about a money-driven City Hall.

Don't be fooled again, Portlanders, this is a developer giveaway that will mean the continued destruction of livable neighborhoods in favor of hideous McMansions. It will not solve Portland's alleged housing crisis.

Anything this divisive belongs on the ballot and a responsible mayor and City Council should be compelled to do so. Instead of demonizing opponents as NIMBYs, let Portland citizens vote and plan by the results.

Frank DiMarco

Southeast Portland

Why focus only on flaws?

Referring to your Feb. 1 article about changing the name of Jefferson High School, some people seem to be focusing only on Jefferson's flaws, making him a bad person. I think that only makes him a human being of his time.

Maybe we also should remember that this flawed person helped to make this the great country it is. I wonder what people will say of us flawed human beings a hundred and more years from now.

Gerry Rose

East Portland

Questions that deserve answers

Brad Perkins' Feb. 8 letter essentially asks: "Why would PDOT want to spend $1.5 million more, create an unfriendly bridge incline, ignore the current comprehensive plan and city resolutions regarding the Sullivan's Gulch Trail, and select an unsafe bike route versus a safe route?"

These are all good questions. He also asks who is in charge, senior staff of bureaus or the City Council? Another good question.

Logic appears to be on Mr. Perkins' side, and his questions should be addressed to restore public confidence in our city governance.

David Pietka

Northeast Portland

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