Our readers also write in about using more police to increase traffic safety, the importance of understanding school names, gun violence, and the cleaning power of Mother Nature.

Many thanks to Louis H. Bowerman, whose recent letter ("Voters should rule on sanctuary cities," March 8) made an excellent point.

"I don't recall the citizens of this city or state voting on implementing 'sanctuary cities' or a 'sanctuary state,'" Bowerman. wrote. "Shouldn't voters have a say in this issue?"

This year, they do. Activists affiliated with Oregonians for Immigration Reform are working to qualify a measure for the November ballot that would repeal Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820. That statute, enacted in 1987, forbids Oregon's police and sheriffs from using their money, personnel or equipment to help federal immigration authorities detect or apprehend reputedly "noncriminal" illegal immigrants.

In doing so, it helps make ours a de facto sanctuary state.

Why should Oregon's sanctuary law be repealed? It endangers Oregonians. It undermines the rule of law. It thwarts the efforts of the courageous federal agents who serve on our national security front lines. And it gives illegal immigrants yet another reason to settle in our state.

Helping to enforce U.S. immigration law is not extrinsic, but central, to the responsibilities of Oregon's police and sheriffs. And you can help make this clear to Oregon's elected officials.

Go to Print, sign and return a petition. Your signature will help get the measure onto the ballot.

And then, come November, vote to repeal Oregon's illegal-immigrant sanctuary law.

Richard F. LaMountain

Cedar Mill

More cops, not lower speed limits

I have a simple solution for the Vision Zero people trying to stop accident fatalities. Lowering the speed limit from 25 to 20 mph on residential streets isn't it.

Get traffic cops out there on major streets and start giving tickets for crazy driving. There are the standard red-light runners, dangerous lane changers, and then the crazies who make a left turn from a right lane across two lanes of traffic. Don't forget the people who don't stop for pedestrians.

Ask people to report areas where the problem is highest, and it will be easy. I've got my list ready.

Kate Mytron


Don't overlook history of school names

The Portland Public Schools proposed naming policy would preclude naming any property, including mascots, after religions.

I hope Mia Pisano and members of the school board understand that the Franklin High School mascot was named for Revolutionary War patriots, not the Quaker religion.

It is named for the Quakers, who lived in the American colonies, who participated in the effort to free themselves from British rule. This participation included refusal to use certain monies issued by governments, boycotts of purchasing certain products or paying certain taxes, or participating in combat against the loyalists or the British army. This group of Quakers was called the Free Quakers or the Fighting Quakers.

Should we fail to honor patriots because they happened to be of the Quaker religion? Should we fail to honor people who, temporarily, believed that their political freedom was more important than their religious belief?

Gordon Hillesland

Southeast Portland

Make world safe from gun violence

I have just returned from Portland, Oregon, where two of my children live, and safety in schools was the main topic of conversation. I picked up a Portland Tribune on the way home and read your article about Suzanne Cohen. I would like you to pass on my full support for what she is doing to make our world a safer place.

I live in the U.K. and therefore I am not sure I can help, but it has encouraged me to write to the American Embassy here and add my name to the many who also want a safe and peaceful world.

My two grandchildren are American, so I have a very personal interest. Guns are not something I understand, and I am not American, so I don't think I have a right to say anything. However, I do understand safety for all our world, people and other creatures that share this beautiful planet, and I believe we all have the right to voice our opinions on anything that may be against our right to live life in safety.

Thank you for the article and for your time.

Judith Edwards

United Kingdom

Mother Nature can cleanse herself

Dredging the Superfund site opens a Pandora's box of toxins that have been undisturbed on the river bottom for decades.

Cover the river bottom with a layer of concrete if you must, but Mother Nature has a way of cleansing herself.

Brian A. Cobb

Wood Village

Why the double standard?

The 2018 Oregon Legislature just codified what DMV administrative rules put into action despite and in utter disregard of a vote by the people of Oregon in Measure 88 in 2014, defeated by 66 percent of the vote. The measure gave driver cards, permits and licenses to illegal aliens.

The Real ID bill was passed in 2017 to meet the federal requirements of the DHS for requirements for air travel. This legislative session, HB4111 was submitted to meet funding requirements that surfaced over the implementation of the Real ID bill.

Subsequently, HB4111 was hijacked with an amendment that makes the progressive pro-sanctuary policy DMV administrative rules part of the Oregon Revised Statutes. This amended bill passed the Legislature through contorted means but ended up passing.

The amendment to the bill stipulated that DACA and TPS enrollees did not have to prove legal presence and that their documentation could not be verified by DMV. The documentation and ID were completely exempted from verification while Americans have to have a certified birth certificate. Americans are not allowed to get short-term licenses. DACA and TPS only have to present an unverified work authorization document. A document you can apply and print online.

Janice Dysinger


Contract Publishing

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