Our readers also write in about knowing Ariana Garay, increasing rents, letting dogs patrol schools, and ending corproate personhood.

To Commissioner Loretta Smith and everybody else who thinks it would be a good idea to turn the Wapato jail into a homeless shelter.

Did you think about the costs involved?

There would be the electric, water, sewer and trash collection bills.

Whenever you put a large number of strangers together, especially when there are those among them who have some form of mental illness that includes violent behavior, one should anticipate an occasional fight breaking out, so it would be necessary to have security or police staffing.

Will the residents be allowed to cook in the building or have use of the kitchen, or are you considering hiring staff to prepare and distribute food and meals?

Are you thinking about including medical personnel to help those with health issues, or social workers to help those with psychological issues?

Residents will need transportation to their job sites or street corners, so are taxpayers also going to shell out the money to pay for their bus vouchers?

What about pets? Will dogs or cats be allowed inside? If not, where will they be housed? Who will pay for all the pet food, cat litter and vet bills?

Opening more shelters sends a message countrywide that Portland will take care of you if you are or wish to remain homeless. You've heard the expression, "Build it and they will come."

Just who do you think is going to pay for all of the above expenses?

Isaac Spellman

Southeast Portland

Great reporting on alleged abuse of teen

It was crazy to read the article about Ariana Garay's alleged sexual relationship with her teacher. ('Me Too' claims surface against ex-St. Mary's Teacher, April 5)

I worked with Ariana in 2012-13 in Eugene at the Emerald student newspaper. I only knew her through work and haven't talked to her since, but she told me about this relationship with her teacher when she was in high school. It had always stuck with me because it sounded incredibly inappropriate. I believed her 100 percent then and now. Great reporting.

Cally Adkisson


What will the market support?

In a single year, rent on my 45-year-old Beaverton apartment has gone up 35 percent. Use all the math you want, but in the end, it comes down to what the market will bear. In other words, you charge as much as you can.

Mike Karsted


Let dogs patrol schools

Rather than trying to amend the Second Amendment, arm teachers or require children to wear bulletproof backpacks or make a fortress out of the school, why not try something practical and probably a lot less expensive?

The police, armed services, TSA, many individuals and the president have used this method with great success.

Empty the animal shelters of sizable and suitable dogs. Train them and equip them with an armed or unarmed handler and let them patrol the schools. People do it as safety patrollers. One might even get retired servicemen already trained in the use of weapons to volunteer.

Children and dogs go well together. However, people with criminal intent do not fare well.

Dogs have proven to be immeasurable assets to police, armed forces and to the TSA people at the airlines. The president has them on the White House grounds.

They have proven their worth time and time again. Ask any Gulf War service member, they will give up their lives without question to save you.

Even if someone that has intentions to do egregious bodily harm, the dog would be a strong enough distraction to allow the handler the time to call 911 for help or, if armed, return fire.

This also would relieve the pressure on the local animal shelters having to euthanize animals due to overcrowding.

Teachers need not have guns; teachers need to teach.

I'm sure the NRA would agree and might even contribute to a program as such.

Joe Ferris


End corporate personhood

Money again! Foreign money! NRA admits in a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon that they accept foreign money. They testified that they keep it in a separate account from the one they use for campaign funds, the one that the $30 million in support of Donald Trump came from. However, they do move money from one account to another.

Alexander Torshin, an NRA member and Russian banker close to Vladimir Putin, is reported to have attended the 2016 annual NRA meeting and met with Donald Trump Jr.

Why is a Russian banker close to Putin a member of the NRA? Dunno. How are we going to keep up with all this?

Clearly it is time for an amendment to the Constitution. The "We the People" amendment, proposed in Congress by HJR 48, would eliminate corporate personhood and directs federal, state and local governments to regulate campaign spending and prohibits the judiciary from equating money with speech. A companion bill is needed in the Senate. Hopefully our senators are paying attention.

Jim Hackman

Port Hadlock, Washington

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