Our readers also believe Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith should have resigned when she ran for the Portland City Council and crisis pregnancy centers are dishonest.

I am writing this letter to respond to David Ball, in the Nov. 15 article in Portland Tribune, "Headers often pivotal in soccer, but are they safe?"

The article was about soccer, specifically about the concern about brain pain when young people head the ball in the game.

I agree that headers could affect the brain growing in young people; however, soccer is a contact sport. So someone who plays soccer could have injuries, and one of them is head concussion, but it's difficult because that happens in a game. Another point that I agree on is banning headers for kids under 10, but why only for young people? I understand that young people are growing, but this is dangerous for everyone.

So if there are studies and research in which heading the ball is bad for health, we can ban it for everyone, because we are people first, and the game and the show business is not so important in life.

But people in the U.S would be at a disadvantage compared with other players in the world, because in other countries headers are allowed, and they can take advantage of this rule when they play against each other, because other countries are used to using it.

Daniel Gamarra Calavia

Northwest Portland.

Stein forced to resign county post when she ran for governor

If you check with the Multnomah County archives, you find that in 2001, Bev Stein, the Multnomah County chair, was forced to resign. That was because she had started her run for governor of Oregon too soon.

Because of that and the Multnomah County charter, Loretta Smith should have done the same. This lawsuit may settle this issue for once for for all.

John Sweeney

Southeast Portland

Beware of crisis pregnancy centers

Women of childbearing age and their partners should know that there are fake "clinics" that target people who have unwanted pregnancies. These fake "women's health centers" will lie to women, shame them, and delay any attempts to have their pregnancy terminated, pushing them past the deadline for a legal abortion altogether.

A "crisis pregnancy center," or CPC, is a fake women's health center. These are not clinics. They lead people to believe the CPC will help them terminate their pregnancy legally, but they do not do this. Instead, they subscribe to the belief that sex for enjoyment and not procreation is wrong.

There are close to 4,000 fake women's health centers all over the country vs. only 780 real abortion providers.

One of the lies they tell is that abortion can cause cancer or mental illness. In fact, abortion is far safer than carrying a pregnancy to term. Carrying a pregnancy to term results in 14 times the numbers of deaths, compared to legal, safe abortions.

I recommend that the Portland Tribune do an investigative report on the CPCs in the Portland area. I also recommend that they do fair and unbiased reporting on women who have given birth against their will, and also women who have had successful, fair, and legal abortions.

I was shocked to learn that these CPCs have been upheld by the Supreme Court, which permits their lies to pregnant women and their partners.

I have seen large ads for CPCs on MAX trains. These scurrilous organizations target low-income women and people of color.

If you've been duped by a fake clinic, you can report it at #ExposeFakeClinics,

Marian Drake

Northeast Portland

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