Our readers also think the State of Oregon must reject the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas terminal permit

My husband works for the federal government. We're lucky though; his office is funded and we didn't miss any paychecks during the government shutdown. This, however, puts us in the precarious position of wondering, "What if?"

What if the co-equal branch of government chooses to kowtow to a president having a tantrum in the future and we're left without a paycheck? What if we're required to spend all of our savings (what little we can save after our massive student loan payments) on groceries instead of on a home and our future? What if one of us gets sick? What if this becomes a matter of life and death, and this is the reason we cannot get the experimental treatment? What if one of us dies because of political posturing by a man without a moral compass?

Holding federal employees' livelihoods in exchange for any amount of money is insulting to all Americans and contrary to what I thought America stood for.

Gambling with lives is unforgivable. Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden should find a way to prevent these government shutdowns and maintaining their dignity as a co-equal branch of government that is supposed to be a check on executive power. Lives depend on this.

Joseph Paul Meyers

Northwest Portland

State must reject Jordan Cove terminal permit

This letter is concerning the Oregon Department of State Lands and its consideration of a removal-fill permit for the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas terminal in Coos Bay and the related pipeline that would carry natural gas to the terminal.

Oregon law requires that when DSL issues a permit such as this, that permitted use is consistent with protection, conservation and best use of water resources.

In the case of the Jordan Cove terminal and pipeline, removal-fill would impact water resources through drilling, dredging, removing and filling dirt, building roads, laying pipe and using heavy equipment in sensitive areas.

Removal-fill would necessitate cutting streamside and wetland vegetation, changing streambanks and aquatic habitats.

Jordan Cove would be another blow to our warming waters and decreasing fish. Drinking water for 116,000 Oregonians will be threatened.

DSL must say no to Jordan Cove and to removal-fill impacting our waterways and wetlands. Our water and our planet cannot stand degradation for the lifetime of this project.

Dena Turner

Southeast Portland

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