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A reader also opposes the bill at the Oregon Legislature to eliminate non-medical vaccination exemptions.

I am dismayed to hear that TriMet is considering closing the Skidmore Old Town and Kings Hill Stations and urge them to strongly reconsider this plan.

Reasons behind the proposed closures fly in the face of the reasons these stops were developed which contributed to the vibrancy of our downtown. That vibrancy is being threatened by multiple elements, but should not be exacerbated by our own transit agency.

I use the Skidmore Old Town station regularly as I work downtown and am an adjunct faculty member at the University of Oregon. That stop and the one near my office allow me to more efficiently get to and from class (during terms I'm teaching) and meet with students and other faculty throughout the year.

I know that the Skidmore Old Town station has security and cleanliness issues, but that should not be the reason for closing it, nor should a tiny increase in commute times through downtown (only two minutes by TriMet's own study). The first issue is solvable with better monitoring by TriMet and its partners.

In addition, it's the best stop for access to one of Portland's "pride-and-joys," the Saturday Market. I remember a time when this area was much more vibrant than it is today, and I can sense that momentum is building for another revitalization, especially given the small businesses, restaurants and employment centers that it serves.

Closing this stop would damage that momentum and adversely impact one of our city's few historic districts. This one being the most important given its early ties to the founding of our city.

It is shortsighted to propose closing the Skidmore Old Town stop. I hope TriMet remembers the impact their early work had on revitalizing our downtown and reverses course on these recommended closures.

Laurie Matthews

Southwest Portland

Lawmakers pushing unfair vaccine rules

The measles outbreak was not spread in a school setting. So why are Oregon lawmakers currently pushing a law that would permanently ban unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children from day care and schools? Healthy unvaccinated children do not harbor illness or viruses, they cannot spread what they do not have. I thought that education was important to Oregon's elected officials.

In Oregon there is already law that unvaccinated children must be excluded from school during an actual outbreak of a contagious disease such as the measles. Why would anyone want to make the quarantine permanent? What is the point of denying perfectly healthy kids an education or after school activities?

This is segregation. I thought we were done with segregation in schools.

Please ask your representative to vote no on House Bill 3063.

Holly Garland


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