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Our readers also want the public to comment to keep wolves part of landscape and believes Congress owes Americans the truth about Trump.

An open letter to Commissioner JoAnne Hardesty:

Today my wife and I had to make a visit to a firm in downtown Portland two blocks from the main post office, followed by a two-block walk to the post office.

As we left the post office, during the two-block walk back to our car, we were verbally, and almost physically, assaulted by two different, obviously drug-addled, homeless people in our faces screaming vile words and threats.

We will never visit downtown Portland again, for any reason, if at all possible. If we cannot avoid going there, it will be in the company of an armed security guard escort.

The City Council has allowed, and even aided, Portland becoming a cesspool, the streets filled with mentally ill drug addicts, who openly threaten the safety of all, while you and your fellow City Council people are concerned about crosswalks, etc., in East Portland.

I'm beginning to believe the most serious threat to the future health and well-being of Portland is the City Council. It makes me sick to my stomach.

You should be ashamed of yourself and your fellow "council persons."

Kerrigan and Kyrian Gray


Comment to keep wolves part of landscape

Most Oregonians — and most Americans — support the protection of wolves and believe wolves have a rightful place on the landscape.

Yet, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is poised to strip wolves of their federal Endangered Species Act protections nationwide, including in the western two-thirds of Oregon, where the USFWS has declared only one wolf pack.

Wolves in eastern Oregon already have lost federal protection, and we can't let the same happen to wolves in the rest of the state.

Since 2009, 3,800 wolves have been killed by trophy hunters and trappers in Montana and Idaho alone. This is not a fate we want for wolves, in Oregon or anywhere in this country.

According to a 2016 poll, 70 percent of respondents don't believe wolves pose an economic risk to the cattle industry that necessitates killing wolves.

They're right. In 2017, just 11 of the estimated 1,320,000 cattle/calves in Oregon were confirmed to have been killed by wolves. Moreover, studies show that nonlethal management techniques are much more effective at preventing rare conflicts between wolves and livestock.

Through the failed stakeholder process regarding the management of Oregon's 124 wolves, we've seen how the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife ignores science and pushes for the killing of wolves.

We must ensure that wolves in the western two-thirds of Oregon remain federally protected. Submit a comment to the USFWS before the May 14 deadline at (search "84 FR 9648," click "submit a formal comment").

Andrea Kozil

Southeast Portland

Congress owes Americans truth about Trump

It's imperative that we hold hearings for Robert Mueller and William Barr. It's imperative that the House start impeachment proceedings.

I understand that the Senate will likely refuse to convict, but that does not matter now. History will view them as cowards and accomplices to the demise of democracy at best, and to untold atrocities at worst.

Refusing to impeach for political expediency is equal to complicity. Refusing to impeach is an equal abuse of power. Congress is charged with this sacred duty. Americans deserve to know every detail in the Mueller report. Americans deserve to see the evidence and make an informed judgment.

And if there is any question that the president has lied, obfuscated and obstructed, it is the right and moral duty of Congress to investigate, no matter the potential outcome.

America demands to know the truth about our president, and Congress literally owes us that truth.

Wendy Leith

Southeast Portland

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