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Our readers also think that reasons for suicide are deeply personal, the heavy traffic in the city should not surprise, sexual assault victims deserve better, and 'Urine Town' is just more Marxist propaganda

Gov. Kate Brown and the supermajority House and Senate in Salem stripped $108 million from the Oregon kicker. Now Brown wants an additional $500 million of our kicker.

The kicker is constitutional. How can they do this, does anyone know? Now Brown wants to syphon money from the lottery. The 1984 lottery ballot measure read, "Profits to be used to create jobs, for economic development."

How can they do this, does anyone know? Someone, anyone, please explain it to me.

Ridge Taylor

Lake Oswego

Reasons for suicide are deeply personal

John F. Williams Jr. asks what can be done to prevent suicides? Perhaps he should ask himself why he is so concerned with preventing suicides? He even acknowledges that human beings have been committing suicides for thousand of years.

There are probably as many reasons why people commit suicide as there are people who decide to do it. But the one thing that they share is the want and need to end it all.

Suicide, as well as abortion, is a deeply personal and individual decision. For someone else to think that they know better for that person is complete folly.

Suicide and just about every other human issue are continually being put out into the public sphere for mass discussion and dissection by intellectuals, politicians, social scientists and other so-called "experts." We are our own best "experts."

My most strong objection to Williams is that he apparently does not think that an individual is capable of making their own decision about ending their own life. I believe that they understand their own particular life situation better than anyone else ever could. I believe that their reasons are valid and have legitimacy no matter what other people think.

We have no choice in being born. We are basically "forced" out into this world and if, at some point in the life cycle, one decides that they have had enough, should they then be "forced" to "soldier on" just because others have a bias against suicide?

If people could accept suicide more, as a choice that a person is making for themselves rather than something that they are doing to others, it would be a lot easier to accept. After all, grief is only for the living, and their grieving and coping skills are greatly influenced how they think about suicide.

Linda Seaton

Southeast Portland

City's heavy traffic shouldn't surprise

The May 30 "Insight" on congestion in the city is so well stated and, hopefully, will reach those who are attempting to handle traffic congestion. Maybe City Hall needs to drive in those areas.

In addition, several other locations seem to be questionable decisions by Oregon Department of Transportation and the city, begging the question whether they drive in those areas.

The westbound lanes of Stark at the intersection of 82nd Avenue previously had a left turn lane allowing straight through traffic to proceed and not be slowed by pedestrians crossing 82nd.

That was removed about a year ago, thus traffic backs up in that lane, and those aware of the situation, tend to speed through in the right lane leading up to that intersection, which does have a right-turn lane.

Third Avenue, one of the main access avenues to Burnside Street in downtown, had a lane taken for parking, slowing traffic. The lane that is dedicated in summer along the waterfront also slows traffic headed for Interstate 5 or other destinations beyond the I-5 entrance. It is being dedicated to bicycle traffic, but only for a few blocks.

Now they have allowed scooters to use the streets, but one thought anything with a motor requires a state license. They are still on sidewalks and with no helmets. Discarded scooters are left in precarious spots.

There also is reason to question some of the road and street repairs. One of the main corridors on the south side is Seventh Avenue, which has numerous potholes and cracks for many blocks. Access streets to the bridges on the north side are in deplorable condition. Yet, streets in the outer areas of the city have been repaired/resurfaced that do not appear to have the traffic of some in poor condition.

Yes, several of the bad intersections have been restored, but some of the main access areas seem to be begging for attention, if nothing more than temporary help. The recent audit seems to shed some light on this.

Ron Deamer

Southeast Portland

Demand better for sexual assault victims

It is unacceptable to me that in 2019 we still live in a world where sexual assault victims are mistreated and repeatedly re-victimized. We should demand better.

I was a victim of rape in February 2018, and over the past year I have experienced failures and mistreatments from the health care system, law enforcement and the justice system.

I'm sure I am not alone in this, and that victims of sexual assault are victimized and re-victimized by the systems that are supposed to care for and protect us.

I was drugged at a bar in downtown Portland and experienced complete memory loss of nearly 10 hours. I woke up in a hotel room with a stranger and had no recollection of how or when I got there. I found my shirt covered in vomit and the front and my pants damp from urine, I got myself dressed and back home. I was in extreme shock, uncertain about what happened, how it happened and what I should do next.

I dealt with arrogant and unsupportive officers from Portland police. My rape kit took over seven moths to be processed. I had hair follicle samples taken from my head, to be tested for date rape drugs, which was never completed.

My detective was as supportive as she could be, since she was investigating a seemingly unmanageable amount of cases at one time. My perpetrator had been questioned twice and had two different versions of the night's events.

When the District Attorney's Office in Portland finally received my case, eight months later, they declined to take it. They said there was not enough evidence to prove that I was not in a state of mind to consent, it was a he said/she said.

As I now know, rape cases are notoriously hard to win. Is it any wonder why so many victims stay silent? Re-victimized by untrained medical providers, not being taken seriously by law enforcement, investigative resources that are strained and move at a snails pace, and no justice found in the system.

My life will never be the same thanks to my perpetrator, my doctor, the district attorney and our broken system. When are we going to say enough is enough? Women, victims, our communities deserve better, we must demand better.

Maria Merkley

North Portland

'Urine Town' just more Marxist propaganda

Incredibly, for its musical next November, Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego will be putting on the Broadway musical, "Urine Town."

Did I read the script? No, I read the title. Surely that is enough to tell a person all he needs to know, yet plunging further into this muck I read its Wikipedia article. This is clearly Marxist propaganda, of which the students of that school have already had a bellyful, and now if they want to be in the school musical, they have to sing it out.

Instead of being given a musical that is happy, upbeat and in good taste, such as "The Sound of Music" or "Oklahoma!" they are given this piece of slime to darken their minds and make them ashamed of their own society.

With this sort of thing being foisted on them at every level of public education, it is no mystery why the suicide rates are so high among the young.

No longer are our public educators eager to have our young people think about things that are good, true and beautiful, but rather with making them foot soldiers in the war on the western tradition.

Am I wrong? I don't think so.

That such a beautiful city should be cultivating resentment in their children for the very factors that have made the city what it is, is ironic beyond belief.

Lee Gilbert


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