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Our readers also think the City Council should ban masks at political protests to restore peace

The editorial discussing Sen. Brian Boquist ("Boquist isn't fit to serve as senator," July 16) is so warped and disingenuous as to be fantasy.

Let's discuss why: First Boquist and the Republican senators left the Capitol building in protest as the Democrat majority was attempting to ramrod legislation down the collective throat of the state that had already been determined by the citizens in a statewide vote. The Democrats were unhappy with the vote of the citizens and was simply going to negate the will of the people.

Bad form, that. So the Republicans walked out to deny that from happening.

Second, Boquist made no threat, he made a promise: "If you illegally send people to arrest me there will be hell to pay."

I've recently looked through the state Constitution three times regarding the governor's powers of office. I'll be darned; I simply cannot find the sentence or paragraph that gives the governor the power to arrest state senators for refusing to appear and vote for legislation they do not support. Not a single word.

So, in that case, Gov. (Kate) Brown is making law as she needs it. She feels if the laws do not support her will and beliefs she can do as she chooses. While the Democrats of the state Senate support her.

Sorry, that's not how the laws work. If the governor has no authority in a single circumstance she simply cannot declare she does by decree.

And interestingly enough, Brown likes to govern by decree. That's the work of a real dictator.

Eric Blatter


(Editor's note: Sen. Boquist threatened Oregon State Police, saying if they come for him, to "send bachelors and come heavily armed." In a question-and-answer with the Tribune's

Capitol Bureau, Boquist did not deny the quotes.)

Open letter to mayor: Ban masks at rallies

Dear Mayor Wheeler,

I'm writing to introduce a measure in which masks would be banned on the streets and city squares of Portland.

This measure has the potential to increase the ability of law enforcement to identify perpetrators of violence within the public squares of our city, with appropriate public trials to follow.

I recently encountered Joe Rogan's interview with the journalist Andy Ngo in which he experienced beating and subsequently, brain hemorrhaging at the hands of mob violence via the masked group antifa (anti-fascists).

As a journalist, I fully support freedom of speech, the press, and political and religious expression. However, I do not believe the First Amendment extends to wearing a mask that obscures an individual's identity, which should not be considered protected speech.

Mark Abell

Portland State University class of 2011


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