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Our readers also think the City Council should repeal the $60 rental registration fee, defend President Trump, and don't want to see political signs at Portland Timbers games

To those who believe we need to respond to white supremacists with violence and destruction: Remember Martin Luther King Jr. He was an anti-fascist and was very successful using nonviolent means. The only thing King destroyed was Jim Crow laws.

Please find a nonviolent way of opposing fascism, racism and white supremacy. And then we can all take part in dismantling the evil in our world.

Let's show the world how creative Portlanders are.

Annie Capestany

Southeast Portland

City should repeal annual rental unit fee

Micah Perry (My View Aug 20) is correct in his assessment of the new policies approved by Portland's City Council in regard to landlords.

While I believe some form of rent control was needed and should have been done long ago, these additional new rules will not help the housing situation in regard to rentals. A landlord should not have to pay for a renter's relocation costs. Also, there are now many laws in regard to preventing discrimination in rentals.

These additional rules should not apply. For example, a person applying for a rental unit does not show sufficient income to pay the rent. Renting to this person might require a future eviction for nonpayment, which would doubly hurt the landlord.

It should be up to the landlord to accept or deny an application from someone with a criminal background. The new $60 yearly fee for each rental unit is unnecessary as is the city's Rental Services Office.

These all should be repealed, as long term it will not only damage the landlords, but reduce the rental market as well and add to higher cost rentals.

Joan Frazer

Southwest Portland

Jayapal's letter sends wrong message

Dear (Multnomah County Commissioner Susheela) Jayapal: Regarding your letter in the Portland Tribune, I'd like to voice my objections to your bigoted screed.

While President Trump made a remark you take exception to (go back where you came from), may I point out that he mentioned no names, nor did he specifically say that they should go back to the countries they and their families originated from.

Those four elected officials self-identified and went ballistic in the media. That was not racism, that's making a statement that if you don't support your country maybe you should not be a representative of it.

As for the fact you consider it racism because of their skin color, that too is bigotry on your part as their skin color has nothing to do with the president's comments, their character and actions. Those women simply happen to be women of color, and that had nothing to do with the comment.

You complain about the president's comment, yet ignore the first comments made by (U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Michigan) upon being elected: "Impeach the [email protected]#[email protected]*!" Those are the words of a representative of the people in a public forum?

It's sad that as a teenager I heard Martin Luther King Jr. speak, and his desires were to judge people by character not skin color, and I've spent my life attempting to do that. Yet today, if I prefer to look at a person as a fellow human being rather than a race that makes me a racist.

You, Ms. Jayapal, are actually furthering racism. The problem is you simply cannot understand that. You prefer the politics of division that are destroying our country.

I imagine I'm a racist for not agreeing with you, believing your article bigoted, and suggesting you are causing far more damage to our society than uniting it.

Eric Blatter


MLS rules are good for indoor stadiums

I want to thank the Pamplin Media Group for maintaining such a fine newspaper as the Portland Tribune. I want to thank the Portland Timbers for doing so much to promote community. I am in your debt; thank you.

I think it is prudent the MLS not become a poster wall for political views. Fans can and should be messengers of hope. But inside the venue, this great sport is what we come to support.

For our safety, political rallies, especially those that attract violent intruders, should be held away from sporting events. Books have been written about supporter groups, politics and violence. Umberto Eco describes how fascism unfolds and history tells us how it ends.

In between, association football has its place. I want to thank all anti-fascist united front activists in Cascadia.

Robert Potestio

Centralia, Washington

Student success: What's in a word?

The article regarding the new tax on Oregonians known as the Student Success Act (July 23) is a great example of how words are altered to change the discussion.

The English language becomes the vehicle for the complete marginalization of intent. The Student Success Act is a glaring example of how words are used to misrepresent reality.

The entire Student Success Act is a disguised tax on all Oregonians, but is purported to be a tax on businesses. The overt manipulation of this propaganda is furthered by the twisting of the language and making the theft more benign and acceptable by cloaking it as the Student Success Act.

The act is so egregious it's not lost on Salem legislators, for they ensured the citizens would not be allowed to vote on the travesty.

The Student Success Act ... what's in a word? The changes are sometimes subtle, but often used to make a position more palatable. Consider a few of the following: "dreamer," "camper," "progressive," "houseless" and "victims" are common words now used to describe people, activities or events.

However, none of these words have anything in common with their original intent. In today's bizarre world of "word speech" the words come to mean anything the new "community standards" determine are applicable.

So it is with the Student Success Act. A regressive tax that is packaged in soothing words that convey something contrary to the intent of the action. In Salem, the need to hide the real tax legislation is obvious.

Elected officials have neither the courage nor honesty to allow the people of Oregon to exercise their constitutional rights.

George Orwell warned us of this. The bastardization of the English language is now a common practice. This is nothing more than double speak and toxic altering of our oral and written word.

Jim Speirs

North Portland

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